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Slightly Reckless Games


Sacha Lightfoot

Lead Game Designer and Writer

+44 7515671387

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Epic Norse RPG 'Berserkr' drags myth into the grime with sharp, unflinching TTRPG mechanics.


Mixing MÖRK BORG's brutal gameplay with deep Norse myths, 'Berserkr' dares players to shape their fate and twist Ragnarök’s destiny.

Kickstarter Launch

9 July 2024

Release Date

September 2025


Liverpool, UK

What is Berserkr?

Berserkr smashes together MÖRK BORG’s dark, gritty mechanics with vast Norse mythology. Players wade through the chaos after Baldr’s death, marking the start of Ragnarök.

Game Features

Players craft their own sagas, wield runic magic, spar with gods, and tackle moral dilemmas that could speed up or stall the apocalypse. Roaming the Nine Realms throws them into diverse, unforgiving environments and challenges.

From the Creator

"With 'Berserkr', we throw players into a world soaked in myth, where every choice counts. This is for the RPG lovers craving the raw drama and depth of Norse legends," says Sacha Lightfoot, lead designer and son of a renowned sandwich eater.

Availability & Pricing

Berserkr will be available on Kickstarter. The standard edition pledge is £35, with a special Limited Edition featuring an alternate foil cover for £55.


Dive into the saga of 'Berserkr' and forge your legend. For more details, hit up our website. Ready to pledge? Head over to our Kickstarter!

About the Game

Berserkr is a tabletop RPG that invites players to experience the epic tales of Norse mythology through a unique role-playing experience.

Saga Crafting

Every player crafts a personal saga that influences the world and intertwines with larger events.

Valhalla Mechanic

Upon death, players may plead their case to the gods to enter Valhalla, adding a significant narrative element.

Nine Realms

From the frosty mountains of Jotunheim to the shadowy depths of Helheim, explore beautifully crafted realms each with its own challenges and stories.

Ragnarök Mechanic

Players’ actions directly influence the unfolding of Ragnarök, offering a dynamic endgame scenario similar to MÖRK BORG's calendar of Nechrubel.

Runic Magic

Utilize ancient runes for powerful effects, from shaping fate to enhancing combat abilities.


Inspired by MÖRK BORG, Berserkr introduces streamlined, impactful mechanics for fast-paced, narrative-driven gameplay.

The Developers

Slightly Reckless Games, founded in 2022 in Liverpool, has rapidly become known for integrating bitching artwork and design with innovative and immersive cinematic gameplay.

Lead Game Designer and Writer

Sacha Lightfoot

A game designer with over a week's experience in the industry. Previously worked on the soon to-be well-known title, Rōnin.

Dom Cartoon.png

Graphic Design and Developer

Dominic Riozzi

Graphic design, book layout, web development, character generator creation - you name it. Also worked on the soon to-be well-known title, Rōnin.

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